When’s the last time you really thought about suction cups? You know, those little rubber concave doodads that you stick on your windows or refrigerators? When did you last ponder their versatility, their determination, their outright universality?

Never, right?

ArthurStickitNobody thinks about suction cups, except maybe ARTHUR STICKETT JR. He lives for suction cups. He even runs a suction cup business. Suction cups are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning, the last thing he thinks about when he goes to bed. He even dreams of those little suckers. He’s really stuck on them! That’s why he’s known around his neighborhood in Brooklyn as “Mr. Suction.”

So imagine Arthur’s surprise when, working in the lab on a revolutionary new suction cup, he gets sucked into the vortex of the machine and lands in a whole new world – STICKISTAN!

Stickistan is a place where EVERYTHING is suction cups – the houses, the chairs, the flowers. Everywhere you look – suction cups. Even the native people, the Stickies, are made of and attired with suction cups. This is the place Arthur has been dreaming of!

But all is not perfect in the kingdom of Stickistan. Aside from the Stickistan 


royalty, the society is divided neatly between two classes: the DRONES and the SHOOTERS. The Drones are the builders, the laborers, the ones who create the homes and office buildings and keep things operating smoothly. The Shooters are the defenders, the performers, the sports stars – they can propel darts and other weapons from their suction cup faces. In times of peace the Shooters entertain and protect, and the Drones build and create. And it’s been a rather peaceable existence, up to now.

But things are taking a dark turn in Stickistan. The old ruler, KING KLING, is ready to retire, and his grandson, SAMMY, is way too young to take over the throne. Who will be the next king of Stickistan? The Drones want someone from their civilian society to be appointed, while the Shooters think a military presence is needed on the throne. There are rumblings of discontent between the two factions.

DrRemoraStirring up the trouble is the insidious DOCTOR REMORA and his luscious colleague, OCTAVIA. They have been lurking in the wings for years, waiting for the right moment to seize power. If they can incite a civil war and gain control of Stickistan, all is lost.

For King Kling, Arthur - “Mr. Suction” - seems like the perfect choice: he’s a neutral outsider, and he knows all about suction cups. He would be the perfect leader! Arthur’s not so sure. He just wants to go home to Brooklyn to take care of his business - if he could figure out how to get home - but then he meets the lovely PRINCESS ADHERA, beauteous, fiesty and independent, and thinks, may


be he could stick around just a little while longer.

GodfreyCupsworthBoth the Drones and the Shooters seem amicable to having Arthur as a leader, until Arthur’s suction-cup business nemesis from Brooklyn, GEOFFREY CUPSWORTH, aka “MR. CUP”, is thrown through the same vortex into Stickistan. Mr. Cup is another suction cup expert, and King Kling doesn’t know which one to pick. In the ensuing deadlock, an all-out war between the Drones and the Shooters breaks out. And it’s up to Arthur to save the kingdom!

The Shooters have the obvious military advantage, so naturally the weaselly Mr. Cup sides with them. But Arthur shows the Drones how they can defend against attacks, and he shields them with his suddenly elastic body. As the battle rages on, Arthur conceives a plan to create a protective dome that will cover the Drone army and keep them safe. But when Professor Remora gets wind of this, he sabotages the project, and the Dome grows to immense proportions: it becomes one huge suction cup covering the whole of Stickistan!

MrCupThe warring armies soon realize that this Dome emperils their very existence; if they don’t work together to remove it, they will all perish. With Arthur and Princess Addie leading the way, the Stickies use their ingenuity and strength to pry up the suction cup and lift it, using pulleys and ropes a la Gullivers Travels. Everyone pitches in, including Mr. Cup. When the Dome is finally lifted, the kingdom is united in triumph, and Professor Remora and Octavia have to flee in disgrace. Arthur is declared the new King, and Princess Addie is his Queen.

THE SUCTION CUP WARS is a fantastic, comical, heroic adventure full of action and intrigue. Boys will love the epic battles and the unique weaponry – the Shooters with their blaster guns and mouths that shoot darts and arrows, the Drones who build cannons and fortresses and can transform themselves into robotic weapons. Girls will thrill to the romance and the heroic figure of Princess Addie, who shows Arthur how to be a leader and is skilled in the art of suction-cup crossbow. And parents will appreciate the sharp satirical humor and the underlying message of peace, cooperation, and the futility of warfare.

So get stuck on Stickistan - it’s a place that will grip your imagination, stick to your ribs, and keep you glued to your seat!

Story Synopsis by Arthur Barry • Copyright 2015 Arthur Barry all rights reserved