STICK-IT is a tween tv show about 2 suction cup businessmen who transform in super heroes to compete in a rivalry to become the new king of STICKISTAN (suction cup land).

stickitframedMrSuctionWhen’s the last time you really thought about suction cups? You know, those little rubber concave doodads that you stick on your windows or refrigerators? Yes, when did you last ponder their versatility, their determination, their outright universality? Never, right? Nobody thinks about suction cups, except maybe ARTHUR STICKETT JR. He lives for suction cups. He even runs a suction cup business. Suction cups are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning, the last thing he thinks about when he goes to bed. He even dreams of those little suckers. He’s really stuck on them! So imagine Arthur’s surprise when, working in the lab on a revolutionary new suction cup, he gets sucked into the vortex of the machine and lands in a whole new world - STICKISTAN!

Pricess AdheraStickistan is a place where EVERYTHING is suction cups – the houses, the chairs, the flowers. Everywhere you look – suction cups. Even the native people, the Stickies, are made of and attired with suction cups. This is the place Arthur has been dreaming of! But all is not perfect in the kingdom of Stickistan, The old ruler, KING KLING, is ready to retire, and his grandson, SAMMY, is way too young to take over the throne. Who will be the next king of Stickistan? Waiting in the wings to seize power is the insidious DOCTOR REMORA and his luscious colleague, OCTAVIA. If they gain control of Stickistan, all is lost! Arthur seems like the perfect choice, but he just wants to go home to take care of his business. That is, until he meets the lovely PRINCESS ADHERA. Hey, maybe he can stick around just a little while!

Arthur’s adventures in Stickistan with Sammy and his friends form the basis for this wacky animated series. STICK IT! is a comic romp through a strange world where everything sucks, and that’s good!