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Step into the magical world of suction cups! Created for children and adults alike to enjoy, the animated characters you will meet on this website bring to life the unique qualities of these amazing products. I have been blessed to have spent 25 successful years selling and delivering suction cups to thousands of major customers throughout the world. My passion has been researching and developing new venues and uses for suction cups in a wide range of manufacturing industries. Now that I am no longer involved in the manufacturing end of the suction cup business, I have turned my creativity to developing suction cup entertainment and educational venues. My father, a great mentor and teacher, instilled in me the desire to educate the public and industry. With this in mind, I created an online suction cup museum which explored the history and relevance of suction cups. Today, my passion is the marketing of suction cup entertainment.

Side-by-side with an experienced team of professional animators, illustrators and writers, I’ve created this troupe of animated characters. These scripts and bibles are designed to bring my unique perspective and comic vision to a fun motif that offers endless entertainment potential. With many years of experience in the children’s animation field, our award-winning director adds the polish and pizzazz to win the hearts of viewing audiences of all ages.

My latest creation, “Stick-It”, is a pseudo-mock documentary featuring my competitor and myself in the suction cup field. One day, I hope to make this clever project into a feature film!

Spend a little while in the magical world of suction cups. These fun, professionally developed projects are designed to make you smile and end your day with a chuckle…and introduce you to a myriad of completely new entertainment possibilities. Enjoy!